New Fork Armor Orange




KTM (16-21) 125-500 ALL MODELS With AER, 4CS & XPLORER FORKS

HUSQVARNA (2015) TC & FC 125-501 ONLY.

HUSQVARNA (16-21) 125-501 ALL MODELS.














INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: (DiscoverEnduro recommends that installation be done by a certified motorcycle mechanic.)

1. Remove stock pinch bolts from lower fork clamps and place in a safe location not to lose or confuse with new bolts. 
(DO NOT reuse stock bolts when mounting guards.)
2. Remove the provided longer bolts from the guards.
3. Place the larger guard onto the left lower fork clamp and the smaller guard onto the lower right fork clamp.
4. Once guards are in place and mounting holes are lined up, insert the longer bolts provided with the kit through the holes on top of the D.Eguards.
5.  When tightening bolts, ensure guards are in desired position before torque is complete.
5. The order of bolt installation and torque specifications should be followed to match those of the motorcycle manufacturers recommendations.

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